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The Hotel



A place rich in culture based in the Langhe and Monferrato, where wine and hazelnuts are undisputed masters and accompany guests in an extraordinary journey into elegance, wellness, tranquility and inner balance. Set in a landscape of hills and vineyards for as long as the eyes can see.
Residenza San Vito offers to its guests a warm welcome with familiar tones, where tradition and attention of details mixed in harmony give you moments of pure wellness.




Gorgeous salt water pool …

The brilliant green colors of the ripe grapes, the magical smell of hazelnuts create the perfect frame for relax; Sun, silence and nature, a breathtaking panorama view. Here you can lay to touch up your tan or take a swim and cool down in our beautiful swimming pool.
Our pool bar are at your disposal so can always enjoy a cold beverage relaxing on the sunbed or by the outdoor bar.

A pleasant massage …

Water and light, the essential elements to create harmony, well-being and an inner equilibrium.

After a pleasant bath in the salt-water pool, you could enjoy the comfort of a hot tub at your feet. Let yourself be cuddled by the bubbles for moments of pure relaxation surrounded by the hills, with a glass of good wine- The perfect rest after an energetic swim or a long walk among the paths of Langa and Monferrato.


The benefits of the sauna …

Residenza San Vito offers a luxurious sauna, whose intense warmth opens the pores of the skin, promoting the expulsion of toxins through sweating, improving blood circulation. The combination of dry wood cabinet, chromo-therapy, and fresh water from the outdoor pool gives a tonic boost, creating a lasting harmony from within.